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Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre de morphologie mathmatique - CMM
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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Image analysis and mathematical morphology

Nonlinear screening

Automatic or interactive segmentation of structures of interest

Analysis of colour and hyperspectral images

Multidimensional image analysis (3D and 4D)_Analysis, screening, segmentation, compression of video sequences

Image base indexing

Computer vision and scene analysis

Surface analyses (roughness, tribology)

Models and simulations of random environments

Physics of heterogeneous environments

Software and hardware architectures

Elaboration, nano- and macro-scale characterisation, nano-micro-macro homogenisation.


- Multimedia, films, location of text buried in images and videos - Medical imaging, digital radiology. Interactive segmentation of scanner and MRI images : processing of 3D temporal image sequences - Elaboration, nano- and macro-scale characterisation, nano-micro-macro homogenisation - Ophthalmology (age-related macular degenerescence, retinopathies) - Pharmacy and toxicology (angiogenesis, nano-particle toxicology) - Quantitative microscopy, cytology, histology, DNA and cell chips - Environmental physics, seismic imaging, geology - Vision by computer, video surveillance, security - Automotive ; integration of sensors, detection of pedestrians and obstacles, passenger's position in relation to the airbag - Materials - Nanomaterials - Rough surfaces (modelling, characterisation, optical and tribological behaviour) - Industrial production: process control, fault detection, measurement - Sensory perception (in particular visual appearance checks, taste-texture relation, etc.) - Morphological processing of 3D microtomographic images : segmentation and modelling of images of granular materials and fibrous environments - Seismic imaging : seismic cube analysis.


Morph-M : C++ coded image processing functions library applying the MICROMORPH metaprogramming principle : image processing software. Contains the latest algorithmic innovations of mathematical morphology.