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Physics and chemistry of polymers

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre de mise en forme des matriaux - CEMEF
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Research and Development

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Research on the physicochemistry of polymers
Understanding the complex relations between the structures or morphologies and the applied fields
Research themes:
- Physics, physicochemistry, rheology and the formation of polysaccharides
- Mixtures and suspensions
- Gels, cross
-linked polymers, forming by dipping
Keywords: molecular structures, supremolecular morphologies in polymers, application of external field (flow, pressure, temperature, chemical reaction, etc.)


The research work concerns polymers from the biomass and their mixtures, aerogels, mixtures of polymer-based materials and suspensions.


Forming machine :
- single screw extruder Kaufman diam. 40 mm, single screw Collins for rubber extrusion, double screw Clextral BC45
- controlled rolling train (20 m/s)
- hydroforming machines for pipes, hydroforming machines for metal sheets or bulge test
- deep drawing press (30t)
- injection compactor DK (110t)
Instrumented prototype for blowing double-drawing of bottles :
- rheocord Haake (internal mixer, single screw extruder
- rolling trains/compactors :
- vertical compactor "Psidix"
- horizontal compressor
Development department and work shop : CAO/DAO 3D IDEAS MS11
- 3 towers, one with digital controls
- 3 milling machines, 2 with digital controls
- 1 mini milling robot to turn around sample bar
- 1 grinder
- various machines for cutting, folding, welding, grit blasting
Microscopy :
- optical transmission microscope (with microtraction device, film micro-compression, static crystallisation, in shear and in elongation)
- inversed metallographic optical microscope Olympus PMG3
Scanning electron microscope :
- environmental (Philips XL30 ESEM LaB6), heating plate Oxford 1500C, automatic EBSD with digital camera and Peltier effect plate Philips
- Jeol 35CF
- transmission and scanning electron microscopes (CM12 TEM/STEM Philips) with heated object holder 600C
Spectrometers :
- EDX (Oxford/Inca on MEB Philips XL30 ESEM), (Tracor/Noran on MEB Jeol 35CF)
- XPS (Riber MAC2)
- static SIMS at flight time [ToF-SIMS] (PHI TRIFT I)
Infrared (Fourier transformed, microscope)
- X-ray: diffractometer (X'pert Pro), texture goniometer, Debye Scherrer chamber
Physical measurements : small angle light diffusion
- moulding goniometer
- rugosimeter 3D
- image analyser (Visilog 6.3)
- machine for measurements of thermal exchange coefficients
- enthalpic differential analyser (DSC Perkin Elmer)
- measurement system (deformations, displacement and thickness) by image correlation (ARAMIS system)
- non-contact measurements, flow and deformation visualisation :
- machine tools with observation windows (injection cast with transparent walls, pipes)
- Doppler laser anemometer (Dantec)
- flow birefringence
- high speed camera (125 to 2500 images/s)
- videometric extensometer
- mechanical properties :
- hardness, cold and hot, micro hardness, macro hardness
- Instrn traction (+/-100kN, heating up to 1200C, LN2 cooling, videometric traction and compression control system)
- hydraulic traction-compression Dartec (300mm/s, +/-300kN)
- hydraulic high-speed traction-compression Zwick (0.5 to 20 m/s, +/-20kN, up to 250C and LN2 cooling)
- electro-mechanical traction for important displacements Erichsen
- torsion Adamel-Lhomargy (heating up to 1200C)
- mini-torsion with joule effect heating and resistivity control
- hammering machine, drop shaft
- furnace for thermal processing, vacuum or under atmosphere (1200C)
Rheometry :
- capillary rheometers (Rhoplasts(r))
- rotative rheometers (imposed deformation Rheometrics RMS 800, imposed constraints Stresstech Rheologica)
- rheo-optical devices (optical and plane-plane light diffusion microscopes, plane cone, coaxial cylinders, four rolls. Tubes and casts transparent. Microtraction).
Tribology :
- punching, plane drawing
- rotative tribometers, plane-plane
Thermomechanical wear machine
- machine for tool steel wear
- friction coefficient measurements of metal-polymers.