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Analysis of scientific, technical and cultural innovation

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre de sociologie de l'innovation - CSI
  • Prestation : Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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Research work concerning scientific, technical and cultural innovation :
- Socio-technical analysis of innovations
- Dynamic assessment and analysis of research policies and work on culture
Areas of research :
- Relations between the different players involved in innovation processes
- Analysis of public policies in the field of research
- Creation of innovative companies on the basis of research (with analysis of the transfer of technology to higher education and research institutions)
Key words : dynamics of corporate research, anthropology of laboratories, socio-technical analysis of innovation, bibliometrics.


Work in the laboratory provides a framework for the creation and circulation of innovations in the most varied fields, whether science, technology, art or the media.
Fields studied :
- The environment
- Safety
- Transport
- Health
- Food
- Tastes and uses
- Communications
- Services


Multidisciplinary approach including the scientific, technical and cultural objectives in the analysis of society :
- Methods of research based on the sociology of sciences, law and culture
- Construction of theoretical and practical tools for socio-technical analysis
- Analysis of controversies between players, maintaining a certain symmetry between technical and social arguments and networking, mediation and translation processes which precede the emergence of a market.