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Modelling of innovative design and management of innovation

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre de gestion scientifique - CGS
  • Prestation : Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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- Development of tools and theories for the design of innovation
- Leading innovation in partnership
- Evaluation and management of research...
Working areas :
- Cognitive models, study of the relationship between the reasoning of design and conventional reasoning in research (modelling and optimisation).
- Economic organisations and performances. Formulation of a theory of design systems which take design into account a specific form of collective action with its own principles of efficiency, rationalisation and division of work.


- Design of management instruments and devices in companies
- Modelling of the reasoning of design
- Models for the organisation of innovative design


A unified theory of the reasoning of design, the C-K (Concept-Knowledge) theory (Hatchuel, Weil 2003) reveals the phenomenon of double expansion specific to creative reasoning, expansion of knowledge and concepts.