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Economic survey in the deployment of digital innovations and the effects of networks

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre d'conomie industrielle - CERNA
  • Prestation : Advice, assessment, training - Prototyping, Preseries, Industrialisation - Research and Development

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Digital economy : Economic survey in the deployment of digital innovations and the effects of networks.
Areas of research : identification and characterisation of the impact of the digitalisation on the competition, industrial structures, the organisation of companies, the growth of territories, Economy of the digitalisation of cultural property, new specialities in the digital industry.
Key words : effects of networks, vertical relations, regulation of the content and network industries, competitions, rating strategies, territories and infrastructures


Digital industries, multimedia, entertainment
Web markets, on-line selling, peer to peer systems (p2p)
Audiovisual applications
Development of territories, communities
Technological policy
The reasoning of industrial economics and the economy of regulations now occupy a central place in the development of corporate strategies, their financial communication, the choice of the instruments of public policies and, in judicial arbitrations (commercial and regulatory disputes).


Industrial economics at Cerna is characterised a year inductive, problem-driven approach. Research is initiated by case studies based on surveys in companies and administrations. Such studies provide the basis for theoretical discussions and vice-versa.