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Elaboration and characterization of materials or composites with mastered microstructure

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre des matriaux - MAT
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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The activities of the SIP team concern the elaboration and characterization of materials or composites with mastered microstructure. The procedures (forming from powder or solidification, assembly) are put into relation with the characteristics of the application (physical or mechanical) of the material or structures. The team is divided into four sectors.
MIC : ceramic microstructure interface
SIR : surface interface reactivity
MPE : Material - Procedures - Elaboration
C2P : competence centre for plasma projection
Fields of research :
- Elaboration and characterization of materials or composites with mastered microstructure.
- Methods and procedures for surface processing (coating) and interfaces via microstructures.
- Material types : material with composite microstructure, material with mastered porosity, multi-materials, nano-materials.
- Elaboration and forming by phase transformation (solidification, polymerization, crystallization) balanced and non-balanced, reactions between phases.
- Analysis of interfaces in infiltration mechanisms, sintering and material assembly.
Key words : capillarity, casting, rheology, phase change, diffusion, deformation, reactivity, mechanical comportment, tribology, physics, electric, laser, nano material


- Biomedical sector : marking of proteins and vectorisation of medical drugs.
- Material for the energy sector : bipolar discs, membranes for fuel cells.
- Materials for cabling and electronics: copper or silver alloys, coatings and brazing.


Several technical teams support the scientific teams. Their mission is to develop and maintain the scientific equipment placed at the scientists? disposal. So the researchers have access to different types of equipment that they use together :
- Administration, documentation, general services
- Analysis, microscopy, images
- Workshop, electronic instruments
- Calculation and communication
The technical teams count more than 30 persons (engineers, technicians, worker and administration) that assure the management and availability of the equipment and also take care of :
- Development of new experimental devices
- Training activities
- Services and expert reports, especially for SMB.