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Optimisation of mechanical comportment of alloys, metal and polymers

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre des matriaux - MAT
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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The essential of the studies realized by the MM team concern alloys and metals and polymer materials used in the industrial sector to optimize their mechanical comportment. The know how is based on :
- Microstructure relations, mechanical comportment and durability.
- Interpretation of physical mechanisms using mechanical models (comportment, breakage, phase change).
- Digital modelling and integration of developed comportment models.
Fields of research :
- Breakage of metals, metal alloys and polymers.
- Dynamic breakage.
- Plasticity, viscoplasticity and wear of super alloys for discs and components of turbo machines.
- Damage through cyclic charge.
- Mechanisms of phase change.
Keywords :
Microstructure, mechanic comportment, modelling, phase change, damage, breakage.


- Aeronautic turbo machines.
- Energy transport or production, electro-nuclear, fuel, gas.
- Automotive.
- Metallurgy.
- Civil engineering.
- Motor (automotive, aeronautics).
- Coupled multi-physical and multi scale calculations.


Several technical teams support the scientific teams. Their mission is to develop and maintain the scientific equipment placed at the scientists? disposal. So the researchers have access to different types of equipment that they use together :
- Administration, documentation, general services
- Analysis, microscopy, images
- Workshops, electronic instruments
- Equipment for calculation and communication
The technical teams count more than 30 persons (engineers, technicians, worker and administration) that assure the management and availability of the equipment and also take care of :
- Development of new experimental devices
- Training activities
- Services and expert reports, especially for SMB.