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Identification of the mechanisms of physical phenomena by microstructure analysis

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre des matriaux - MAT
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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The CHR team's activities cover a variety of mechanical test methods for ambient volume and structural elements at 200C (monotone tests, creep, relaxation, cyclic, thermo-mechanical coupling) combining an experimental and a digital simulation of solutions to identify the mechanisms of physical phenomena by microstructure analysis, different scale analysis, quantitative description.
Fields of research :
- Material development, definition of new compositions, optimizing microstructures by control of thermo-mechanic processes.
- Comportment : plasticity and viscoplasticity, modelling of microstructure comportment, property gradients, thermal gradients, constraints relaxation.
- Damage analysis, cyclic loads, wear-creep, phase change, non stationary fissuration, local approach, non linear viscoplastic calculations.
Keywords : examination, microstructure identification, complex mechanical tests at high temperature (from 1200 to 2400), digital modelling of comportment of parts.


- General applications in the materials field :
* metal (steel, nickel based alloys, titan).
* non metal materials (ceramics, graphite, heat resistant, cermets...).
- Activities concerning motors : metallurgical optimization of super alloys for power increase of turbo machines
- Nuclear industry : transmutation targets of future high temperature nuclear reactors.
- Glass industry : development and optimization of materials used in glass melting furnaces.


Several technical teams support the scientific teams. Their mission is to develop and maintain the scientific equipment placed at the scientists' disposal. So the researchers have access to different types of equipment that they use together :
- administration, documentation, general services
- analysis, microscopy, images
- workshops, electronic instruments
- Equipment for calculation and communication
The technical teams count more than 30 persons (engineers, technicians, worker and administration) that assure the management and availability of the equipment and also take care of :
- development of new experimental devices
- training activities
- services and expert reports, especially for SMB.