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Comprehension and modelling of physical mechanisms in composite environments

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre des matriaux - MAT
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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Comprehension and modelling of physical mechanisms that can exist in composite environments : experimental analysis and digital modelling at macroscopic scale (environment considered as homogenous) microscopic scale (molecular nature of each constituent of the composite), and mesoscopic (the constituents).
Fields of research
- Characterisation and modelling of fibre comportment
- Long term mechanical comportment of carbon/ resin composites
- Deterioration (humidity, immersion, temperature)
- Damage and wear of stratified composites
- Multi scale approach (e.g. : de-cohesion fibre / matrix)
- Modelling of composite material comportment
- Characterisation of composites and life cycle
- Constructive method for comportment laws
- Structure calculation of industrial composite parts
Keywords :
Composite material : characterization, simulation and optimizing of composite material comportment, deterioration / ageing.


- Applications for textiles : fibre comportment in synthetic tissue.
- Industrial sectors : reinforcing rubber fibres, cabling constituents, pneumatic industry...
- Technical tissue domain : applications for thermoplastic fibres with high performance polyester and polyamide for structural reinforcement, fibre cords, geotextile.
- Off shore composites, transport, ...


Several technical teams support the scientific teams. Their mission is to develop and maintain the scientific equipment placed at the scientists? disposal. So the researchers have access to different types of equipment that they use together :
- administration, documentation, general services
- analysis, microscopy, images
- workshops, electronic instruments
- Equipment for calculation and communication
The technical teams count more than 30 persons (engineers, technicians, worker and administration) that assure the management and availability of the equipment and also take care of :
- development of new experimental devices
- training activities
- services and expert reports, especially for SMB.