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Exploitation activities and fossil fuels: exploitation of hydrocarbons

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, Gosciences
  • Prestation : Advice, assessment, training - Research and Development

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- High resolution seismic imaging

- Sequential stratigraphy and reservoir models

- Analysis of similar sites

- Geostatistical characterisation of reservoirs

- Modelling and simulation of deposits

- Control of the measurement of very slight permeability (Tight Gas Reservoirs)

- Drilling for oil, development of exploitation technologies

- Modelling of the static and dynamic behaviour of drill strings with complex trajectories

- High-energy geothermics


The oil industry


Characterisation and experimental resources : - Microscopy resources : scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometers, electronic micro-probe and ionic micro-probe - Petrophysical equipment (porosimeters, permeameters) - Equipment for soil and rock mechanics - Equipment associated with the study of the mechanical and hydraulic fragmentation of rocks - Water analysis laboratories

Digital resources : - Isatis software : geostatistical techniques