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Control and Command of All Types of Systems

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, automatique et systmes - CAS
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Advice, assessment, training

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The Automatic Control and Systems Centre (CAS) works on the control and command of all types of systems (mechanical, chemical, electrical, and so on).

Research themes : - nonlinear command - optimal command and command under constraints - command of partial derivative equations and flatness - observers, screening and wavelets - aeronautics and space (mini-drones) - automotive equipment automobile - process engineering - electrical machines - mechanical systems - quantum systems


Design of "automatic controllers", chiefly real-time computer programs, ensuring the dynamic behaviour required of looped systems :

Command algorithms used in industry : - distillation unit quality control (Colbin, Total software) - advanced operating systems for polyethylene and polypropylene units (Total) - real-time command and optimisation of refinery mixtures (Anamel V4, Total software) - "sensorless" variable speed drives for asynchronous electric motors (Schneider-Toshiba Inverter), - Base-Stop anti-vibration precision positioning system (Micro-Controle)

Fields of application : - Aeronautics and space - Automotive equipment automobile - Process engineering - Electrical machines - Mechanical systems


The methods employed belong to the physical and mathematical sciences : - Modelling and identification - Dynamic simulation - Control theory, etc.