Technical skill sheet

Composites, adhesion, material microstructure

  • Centre of research : MINES ParisTech, centre des matriaux - MAT
  • Prestation : Characterization, tries, tests, checks, formulation - Research and Development

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- Fibre characterization
- Deterioration of fibre composite materials
- Damage and abrasion of stratified composites
- Modelling of composite material comportment
- Composite characterisation (bolted composites, bonded composites)


Civil engineering
Motor (automobile, aeronautics)
Particle fuel, coupled calculations, post-processing


IT : 1 cluster with 78 nodes (156 processors) for calculation under Linux, 8 file server with 4 TB of data, 6 network server, (4 Linux, 2 SUN), 3 calculation computers under Linux, 6 development computers (2 HP, 2 SGI, 1 IBM, 1 Linux), UNIX / Linux stations, Linux workstations, MAC office computer, Windows office computer.
Mechanic workshop equipped with machine tools (tower, mortising machine, grinder).
Die sinking machines.
Various devices for control, cutting, forming, arc welding, soldering.
Standard oscilloscopes and with multi-way memory.
Voltmeter, ohmmeter, frequency meter, sonometer, luxmeter, rev meter.
Calibration equipment.