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PROVIDED - [DOCTORAL CONTRACT] Fracture prediction tools based on the coupling of field measurements, FE calculations and machine learning

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMechanics
Doctoral SchoolISMME - Systems Engineering, Materials, Mechanics, Energy
SupervisorM. Pierre KERFRIDEN
Research unitCentre of materials
ContactKERFRIDEN Pierre
Starting dateOctober 1st 2021
KeywordsMachine learning, AI, Cluster, Defects, Fatigue, lifetime
AbstractFor industrial materials, the control of component lifetime requires deterministic approaches that can be made reliable a posteriori based on a dispersion of experimentally observed lifetime. The approach is sequential, including an analysis of the damage mechanisms leading to failure, the proposal of a mechanical criterion taking into account this observation and the generalization of this criterion from heavy and costly test bases. The cost is twofold: construction of the database and important safety margins linked to the non-control of uncertainties.
Profilethe candidate must hold a national master's degree or another degree conferring the grade of master (engineering degree, equivalent foreign degree...), at the end of a training course establishing his/her aptitude for research.

The application file must include
- a letter of motivation to pursue a doctoral program on the targeted thesis topic and including the candidate's professional project
- a detailed curriculum vitae mentioning the candidate's studies, research internships, diplomas with dates obtained, professional experience, and planned research areas
- a transcript of grades from previous studies (engineering and/or master)
- one or more letters of recommendation...
- a certificate of English level.
- for non-French speaking students, a level A2/B1 in French (European reference system) is recommended for entry into the doctoral program
- for students who do not hold a national research master's degree, all documents attesting to the student's qualifications in terms of training through research (attestations of research internships with a summary of the thesis, recommendations, publications, etc.)
- a copy of identity card or passport

The documents in pdf format must be sent before May 05, 2021 to

FundingConcours pour un contrat doctoral