PhD opportunities

Methodology for accelerating Python programs through OpenMP-like parallelism

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseReal-time computer science, robotics, systems and control - Fontainebleau
Doctoral SchoolSystems Engineering, Materials, Mechanics, Energy
SupervisorM. Claude TADONKI
Research unitMathematics and Systems
Starting dateOctober 1st 2021
KeywordsPython, source-to-source, parallelism, compilation, multicore, GPU
AbstractThe aim of this PhD is to investigate how to leverage HPC techniques for Python programs. The work will mainly consider compilation-like approaches and the support of specialized tools/libraries. Shared memory parallelism on multicore processors and accelerated computing with GPUs will be the main target devices.
ProfileMaster 2 (research) and
- Good level in programming (C and Python)
- Some background in code analysis and transformations
- Basic skills in parallel computing an accelerated computing
FundingConcours pour un contrat doctoral