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3D printing of hyaluronic acid aerogels as on-demand removable wound dressings

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées
SupervisorMme Tatiana BUDTOVA
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateJanuary 4th 2021
KeywordsPolymers, gels, physico-chemical properties, mechanical and processing properties, encapsulation and release, 3D printing
AbstractBio-aerogels are highly porous, nanostructured materials with a large internal surface area; they are obtained via non-toxic processes from solutions and hydrogels of polysaccharides. The project is at the interface of materials science (biobased polymers, aerogels, 3D printing), chemistry (polymer crosslinking) and biomedical applications (wound dressings, controlled release). Hyaluronic acid will be printed into hydrogels using a support bath, which avoids the disadvantages of conventional printing-in-air, including clogging of the printing nozzle and gravity-induced structural collapse during printing. Relevant drugs (e.g. antibiotics) will be incorporated in the aerogels physically via mixing and impregnation. The potential of the bio-aerogels as drug-releasing wound dressings will be evaluated using in vitro and ex vivo models.
ProfileKnowledge in materials science, polymer chemistry and polymer physics; fluent in English, highly motivated, pro-active; MSc thesis completed
FundingFinancement par crédits ANR
PartnershipGross annual salary: ± 26 k€
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