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Late Quaternary incision dynamics in the Paris Basin: 3D restitution of alluvium geometry in the bottom of major valleys in the Seine catchment

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseGeoscience and Geoengineering
Doctoral SchoolGRNE - Gosciences, Ressources Naturelles et Environnement
SupervisorM. Mark NOBLE
Co-supervisorM. Jean-Louis GRIMAUD
Research unitGeosciences
ContactGRIMAUD Jean-Louis
Starting dateOctober 1st 2020
KeywordsSeine river , geomorphology, stratigraphy, alluvium
AbstractThis PhD thesis is part of the RGF program and will focus on Late-Quaternary incision dynamics along the major valleys of the Seine catchment, mainly by looking at the architecture of their bottom alluvium infill. The purpose is to characterize the geometry of the erosive contact between the bedrock and the alluvium in order to decipher between the respective impacts of lithology, climate forcing (changes in eustatism and/or hydraulic regime) and large wavelength deformation pattern. Expected implications of this study are:
- (Regional) bringing new knowledge on the relations between geological forcings and alluvial sediment architecture in the Paris Basin, where Quaternary geomorphology is studied in relation with human occupation
- (Thematic) looking at regressive erosion dynamics and river long profile adjustment to climatic forcing related to base level fall.
ProfileThe candidate will have a good background in river dynamics (sedimentology - geomorphology). She/he will be familiar with fieldwork as well as GIS software in order to build up a solid database on channel fills geometry, i.e. combining field data and existing literature. Some knowledge on programming and dating techniques will be appreciated. Furthermore, a good background in geosciences, environment and reservoir will help putting the results of the PhD into perspective.
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