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3D printing of biobased polymer aerogels for biomedical applications

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliques
SupervisorMme Tatiana BUDTOVA
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateOctober 1st 2019
KeywordsGels, aerogels, biobased polymers, additive manufacturing, controlled drug release, wound dressings
AbstractBio-aerogels are highly porous, nanostructured materials with a large internal surface area; they are obtained with non-toxic processes from solutions and hydrogels of polysaccharides. The project is at the interface of materials science (biobased polymers, aerogels, 3D printing), chemistry (polymer functionalization) and biomedical applications (wound dressings, controlled release). The principle of additive manufacturing will be used to make the aerogels. A new approach, phase separation, will be tested to shape the material, which allows the use of cellulose, chitosan and their interpenetrating networks. Relevant drugs (e.g. antibiotics) will be incorporated in the aerogels physically (mixing, impregnation) and chemically (polysaccharide functionalization and grafting with cleavable links). The potential of bio-aerogels printed as drug-releasing wound dressings will be evaluated in vitro and, depending on the results, in vivo.
ProfileMaterials science, physical chemistry of polymers, chemistry, fluent in English
FundingFinancement d'un organisme de recherche publique
PartnershipProject financed by CNRS
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