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Thermomechanical and thermodynamic analysis of the polymer additive manufacturing process by fused filament deposition.

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliques
SupervisorM. Franck PIGEONNEAU
Co-supervisorM. Michel VINCENT
Research unitCentre for material forming
KeywordsAdditive manufacturing, polymers , thermal analysis, fluid mechanics, consolidation, crystallization
AbstractDetailed presentation :
The work will focus on the following analyzes :
Mechanical and thermal study :

i. De lcoulement et de la fusion/plastification du polymre dans la tte de limprimante;
ii. Molten polymer deposit on the previous layers.
The challenge is to predict by numerical simulation and simplified models the dimensions of the deposited layer, the size of the porosities, the pressures and temperatures generated and the occurrence of defects, depending on the operating parameters of the printer.

Numerical simulation of the healing of successive layers by :

i. The analysis of the solidification / remelting mechanisms in the successive layers in progress;
ii. The analysis of the levels of healing of interfaces and porosities via the notions of crystallization and diffusion;
iii. The analysis of the residual stresses generated by the differential expansion between layers and the implication on the warpage of the part.

Comparison between modeling and experiments (thermal, morphologies at the macro and micro scales).
ProfileGraduate of an engineering school or of a Master, the candidate will have skills in mechanics and thermal analysis of flows of viscous fluids, polymer rheology, physics and processing. Knowledge and a taste for numerical simulation are desirable. His dynamism, his rigor, his ability to work in a team in a multidisciplinary context will also be important qualities for the selection.
FundingFinancement d'une association ou fondation