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Development of design methods of new Heating & cooling district networks

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseEnergy and Processes
Doctoral SchoolSMI - Sciences des Mtiers de l'Ingnieur
SupervisorM. Pascal STABAT
Co-supervisorM. Cong-Doan TRAN
Research unitEnergy and Processes
KeywordsDistrict energy performance, thermal network modeling, Sizing, Optimization
AbstractProposal of a methodology of selection and sizing of the most appropriate architectures of heat and cold networks according to the thermal uses in district areas for designers of networks
ProfileStandard profile for a Mines ParisTech thesis: Engineer and/or Master's degree preparing to be a researcher - Good level of general and scientific knowledge. Good level of practice of French and English. Good capacities of analysis, synthesis, innovation and communication. Qualities of adaptability and creativity. Motivation for the activity of research. Coherent professional project.
Prerequisite: Training(Formation) in energy / (building and systems). Control of modelling tools and simulation (Dymola /Modelica), control of tools of analysis of data and programming (Python)
FundingFinancement par une entreprise