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Characterizing the alpine foreland basin deformation. Impact on the organization of the oligo‐miocene paleohydological systems from SE France)

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseGosciences et goingnierie
Doctoral SchoolGRNE - Gosciences, Ressources Naturelles et Environnement
SupervisorMme Isabelle COJAN
Co-supervisorMme Caroline MEHL
Research unitGeosciences
ContactMEHL Caroline
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AbstractCharacterizing the impact of deformation on sedimentary records constitutes a major aim for predicting and simulating the geometry of heterogeneities in clastic reservoirs.
A paleo-hydrological reconstruction of two oligomiocene fluvial systems respectively situated on the hanging and foot-walls of the Digne thrust (AE Held thesis, 2010) put forward the impact of foreland deformation on the geometry and dynamics of the paleo Durance and Ubaye.
We propose, in this study, to characterize the incremental deformation of the hostrock of those fluvial systems and to analyze the fluid circulations around the Digne thrust during deformation. Early deformation will be determined thanks to AMS sampling. Brittle deformation will be deduced from analysis of the fracture network and kinematic inversions on fault planes within the folded structures. Stable isotope (C and O) analyses on sandstone cements and fractures infills will aim to determine the origin of fluids circulating in the vicinity of the Digne Thrust sheet.

Deadline for submission : 10/06/2018
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