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Development of a high performance thermally-sprayed wear-resistant coating for automotive engine application

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMaterials science and engineering
Doctoral SchoolSMI - Sciences des Mtiers de l'Ingnieur
SupervisorM. Michel JEANDIN
Research unitCentre of materials
ContactJEANDIN Michel
KeywordsThermal spray, cold spray, wear resistance, automotive, engine
AbstractRegarding the industrial application, the objective of this thesis work is the development of a high performance wear-resistant coating for automotive engine parts to go beyond current solutions. For this purpose, thermal spray is considered due to high flexibility to explore a large range of material candidates: i.e. from polymers to ceramics through metals, possibly in mixings to promote composite and/or gradient effects.
Basically, the thesis study rests on the establishing of the materials which can meet all the requirements for wear-resistance, provided that they can be sprayed. For the latter issue, one has to know that spray process family is rich in numerous variants such as cold spray, plasma spray, flame spray, HVOF,
This property (wear-resistance) - process (thermal spray) study will show the various following stages:
Study of the composition and characteristics of spraying powders
Study of various thermal spraying routes for achieving coatings
Study of coating microstructure and properties, primarily wear resistance and adhesion, compared to the current conventional material
Wear testing using conventional and specific (i.e. instrumented and/or specifically designed) tribometers
Modeling and numerical simulation of the spraying process and of mechanical/wear behaviors
ProfileEngineer and / or Master of Science - Good level of general and scientific culture. Good level of knowledge of French (B2 level in french is required) and English. (B2 level in english is required)
Good analytical, synthesis, innovation and communication skills.
Qualities of adaptability and creativity.
Teaching skills.
Motivation for research activity. Coherent professional project.

Applicants should supply the following :

- a detailed resume
- a covering letter explaining the applicants motivation for the position
- detailed exam results
- two references : the name and contact details of at least two people who could be contacted to provide an appreciation of the candidate

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FundingConvention CIFRE