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SUBJECT OF THESIS PROVIDED - Inclusions and Ti+Nb microalloying element precipitation in press hardening steels: towards improvement of in-use properties

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMaterials science and engineering
Doctoral SchoolSMI - Sciences des Mtiers de l'Ingnieur
SupervisorMme Anne-Franoise GOURGUES
Co-supervisorVladimir ESIN
Research unitCentre of materials
ContactGOURGUES Anne-Franoise
KeywordsSteels, Microstructure , Precipitation, Deformation , Fracture
AbstractThe research project aims at improving understanding of the links between chemistry (microalloying and interstitial elements as C and N) ,microstructure and In-use properties of Press hardened steels such as bendability or crashworthiness.
ProfileEngineer and / or Master of Science - Good level of general and scientific culture. Good level of knowledge of French (B2 level in French is required) and English. (B2 level in English is required)
Good analytical, synthesis, innovation and communication skills. Qualities of adaptability and creativity. Teaching skills.
Motivation for research activity. Coherent professional project.

Metallurgy with a stron basis in mechanics of materials. Commitment in experiments and expertise in a context facing with strong industrial challenges.

Applicants should supply the following :

- a detailed resume
- a covering letter explaining the applicants motivation for the position
- detailed exam results
- two references : the name and contact details of at least two people who could be contacted to provide an appreciation of the candidate

to be sent to
FundingConvention CIFRE
PartnershipCIFRE ArcelorMittal