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Design and Implementation of Innovative Musical Applications for New Multimedia Technologies

Area of expertise Real-time computer science, robotics, systems and control - Fontainebleau
Doctoral School SMI - Sciences des Mtiers de l'Ingnieur
Title Design and Implementation of Innovative Musical Applications for New Multimedia Technologies
Supervisor M. Pierre JOUVELOT
Contact JOUVELOT Pierre
Research unit Mathematics and Systems
CRI - Centre de Recherche en Informatique
Keywords computer music, audio signal processing, e-health, e-education
Abstract The MINES ParisTech Centre de recherche en informatique, CRI, has been working over the last few years on designing and implementing innovative applications for new multimedia technologies, in particular related to music. These research activities have always been initiated in close collaboration with experts from the application domains, and are intended to lead to the development and validation of prototypes. Up to now, these systems have targeted education (in music theory), instrument practice (for jazz improvisation), music therapy (for ADHD and Alzheimer patients) and audio signal processing.
These developments linking music and technological applications are based on both theoretical and technical foundations. Conceptual notions used in the past included motivation theories or metapsychological analytical frameworks; computing-related technologies used in these applications were online software videogame artifacts (Wiimotes, game engines) or proof assistants (Coq). CRI is one of the first French research institutions to have worked on Serious Games, videogames that focus not only on fun but also useful outcomes.

The goal of the proposed PhD research is to (1) extend the exploration of application domains already addressed in previous projects, either with existing partners or new ones, (2) look at new promising application domains that could profit from the use of new technologies for music or sound.

The research project should ideally strive to address both theoretical (new domain or in-depth exploration of previous ones, formal frameworks providing insights on specific issues and linking music and application,) and technical (design and implementation of software environments, validation tests, domain specific languages).
Funding Concours pour un contrat doctoral
Starting date October 1st 2017
Date of first publication January 6th 2016