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Modeling of polyurethane foams in free mode and in contact with a porous system

Area of expertise Computational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral School SFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliques
Title Modeling of polyurethane foams in free mode and in contact with a porous system
Supervisor M. Michel VINCENT
Co-supervisor M. Patrice LAURE
Research unit Centre for material forming
Keywords PU foam, Modeling, Diffusion, Porous materials, Microstructure
Abstract Polyurethane foams are used in the automotive industry for their sound and thermal insulation qualities. They are shaped by injection. A volume of polyurethane is injected and then the gas creation reaction completely fills the mold. The polymerization reaction stabilizes the produced foam. The properties of the foam are a function of the size and distribution of the bubbles.

A calculation code developed by TRANSVALOR, Rem3D, makes it possible to obtain the flow velocity, the pressure, temperature and density fields, which is a function of the bubble level. The material data for the calculation are obtained by a specific foaming test with measurement of the volume, temperature and pressure evolution.

The aim of the thesis is to improve the model to predict in particular the distribution and the size of the bubbles in an injected part (microstructure) and to evaluate the impact of the preliminary implantation in the mold of a porous material which will absorb a fraction of the polyurethane before and during the foaming reaction.

The work will consist of experimentation, conduct and analysis of tests, in particular using a modulating injection device representative of a serial tool, modeling the phenomena encountered. It will be completed by numerical simulations.

The work will be carried out in collaboration with the TREVES company, which produces foamed polyurethane parts for the automotive industry and with the TRANSVALOR company, software editor, and the CEMEF (Center for the Forming of Materials) of MINES ParisTech.
Funding Convention CIFRE
Starting date October 2nd 2017
Date of first publication July 10th 2017