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Mechanisms of oxygen bubble nucleation in nuclear waste glasses

Area of expertise Computational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral School SFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliques
Title Mechanisms of oxygen bubble nucleation in nuclear waste glasses
Research unit Centre for material forming
Keywords Nucleation, thermodynamics, gas solubility, oxidation-reduction, bubbles, mass transfer
Abstract The objective of this project is to determine quantitative parameters inducing the bubble nucleation (gas solubility, supersaturation and nucleation). The impact of the molten glass composition (redox) and temperature will be deeply investigated. Moreover, the role of heterogeneities present in the melt and which may promote nucleation phenomena will be considered. A specific experimental set-up will be implemented in order to in-situ monitor the bubbles formation associated with a molten glass redox state measurement. Post-mortem analyzes on the solidified material will also be performed (electronic microscopy, gas analyzes). In a second step, a basic modelling of the bubble nucleation may be considered using the previously acquired experimental results.
Funding Financement par une entreprise
Partnership Financement : bourse CEA
Starting date October 1st 2017
Date of first publication March 27th 2017