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PERSEE-01 - Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of new anode materials for lithium batteries

Area of expertise Energy and Processes
Doctoral School SMI - Sciences des Mtiers de l'Ingnieur
Title PERSEE-01 - Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of new anode materials for lithium batteries
Supervisor Mme Sandrine BERTHON-FABRY
Contact BERTHON-FABRY Sandrine
Research unit Energy and Processes
PERSEE - Centre Procds, Energies Renouvelables, Systmes Energtiques
Keywords Electrode, Lithium batteries
Abstract Context and challenges :
The current environmental and economic context leads us to find new, clean, reliable and highly efficient energy systems. Depending on the application and technical requirements (weight, volume, durability) various systems are used but technological problems must be overcome. For over 20 years the group MATPRO from PERSEE / Mines ParisTech has been studying nanomaterials - mineral and organic, pyrolysed or not - for applications in energy storage (batteries, supercapacitors) and conversion (PEM fuel cells) to give a solution for these various problems and has conducted researches not only on materials and their physico-chemical and electrochemical characterizations but also on devices and processes.In this context, the laboratory opens a Ph.D position which aims at developing and evaluating new lithium-ion anode materials that fulfill the aeronautical application requirements (SAFRAN financial support). This Ph.D will be supervised by MINES ParisTech and ICCF (Clermont Auvergne University) and the studies will be carried out on the 2 sites (Sophia Antipolis and Clermont Ferrand) and punctually at Safran. ICCF will bring its expertise on the material surface modification and physico-chemical and electrochemical characterizations
Scientific objectives :
1. development of new hybrid nanostructured anode materials (carbon/inorganic) leading in terms of morphology, durability and performances to the specifications of the aeronautical application
2. evaluation of the performances of these materials implemented in half batteries and complete batteries.
Methodology :
The actions will consist in
1. elaborating and characterizing hybrid nanostructured anode materials with treated surface
2. optimizing the elaboration procedures
3. improving the electrolyte versus this new surface characteristics in order to increase performances and to limit degradation during cycling.
4. adapting and validating the solutions chosen in terms of performances and durability
Expected results :
1.controlling the synthesis routes leading to the electrode materials,
2.understanding of the influence of the synthesis parameters on the physicochemical and electrochemical characteristics and the durability of the final material,
Funding Convention CIFRE
Starting date October 1st 2017
Date of first publication March 2nd 2017