Join one of our 12 Advanced Master's Degree programmes !

If you have a Master's degree or a Bachelor's Degree with experience

Please apply from January to :

3 English-speaking programmes
  • MS ALEF : International Energy Management                Apply now (  PDF, DOC) till May
  • MS ENVIM : International Environmental Management  Apply now till May
  • MS MAPMOD : Materials, Processing and Modeling      Apply now till July

9 French-speaking programmes
  • MS OSE : Energy Systems Optimization                         Apply now till May
  • MS GAZ : Gas Engineering and Management                 Apply now till May
  • MS ENR : Renewable Energy                                          Apply now till July
  • MS IGE : Environmental Engineering and Management  Apply now till May
  • MS SANTÉ : Health and Environment                              Apply now till May
  • MS MISL : Industrial Manag. and Logistics Systems        Apply now till August
  • MS MSIT : Information Systems Management                 Apply now till April
  • MS MRI : Industrial Risk Management                             Apply now till end of June
  • MS COMADIS : Material Behaviour and Struct. Design   Apply now till July


International students can be admitted in these adanced programmes either as:

  • young graduates with a Master's degree or equivalent (5 years university curriculum).
  • exceptionally, graduates with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent (4 years university curriculum)

A good level in English or in French is required: it depends if the programme is english-speaking or french-speaking.

Costs : tuition fees are covered by companies for 50% of our students !

The price of each programmes, between 15  000 € and 22 000 € per student, is generally covered by companies, specially for the following programmes:
  • in the field of Energy                  to kow more about this programme :  ALEF
  • in the field of Environnement:  to kow more about this programme :   ENVIM
  • in the field of Materials:             to kow more about these programmes :  MAPMOD

Possibility of Scholarships if ou are Chinese, Indian, Russian or Brasilian

To know more about the  Thales Academia scholarship

This concerns three programmes :

  • in the field of Logistics:                             to know more about this programme: MISL
  • in the field of the Computer science field: to know more about this programme: MSIT
  • in the filed of Materials:                             to know more about this programme: COMADIS