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Transportation and sustainable development (Master)

Environmental Engineering


Transportation systems are a fundamental pillar of sustainable development of societies. They play a role structuring of human geography, have an impact on the global environment or local level, and are at the heart of the development of economic and social systems.

The planning, segregation in urban areas, security problems, congestion, local air pollution, the greenhouse effect, the explosion in demand for mobility are all challenges to engineers of the 21st century.


This programme supported by the Renault Foundation provides engineers or
economists of diverse nationalities with the tools necessary for placing transportation
into a dynamic of sustainable development.
It offers 700 hours of courses that lead to a sound understanding of the factors
that determine demand for transportation (freight and passengers); the determination
of the areas that are appropriate for different modes of transportation or combinations
of these; the identification of technological, organisational and behavioural solutions
that need to be implemented to provide credible operational responses to the issues
of sustainable transportation.
This master trains engineers, managers and specialised decision makers
in sustainable modes of governance.


Transport issues and sustainable development
Analysis of transport demand
Engineering sustainable transport
Transport and social regulation, economic and political
Management and Communication
Integration projects to foster the mobilization of knowledge, lead to the synthesis and intercultural communication and develop the professional expertise
Examples of projects:
Tramway of marshals, large underground infrastructure and integration, energy innovations vehicles, international air transport, etc..
Language Courses

Skills acquired

Have a comprehensive understanding of the issues of sustainable transport
Identify, analyze and predict the real determinants of transport demand
Identify areas of expertise of different modes of transport, taken separately or combined
Providing credible operational responses to the challenges of sustainable transport combining organizational dimensions, behavioral and technology
Define the proper framework for analyzing temporal, spatial and cognitive problems to be addressed in accordance with available resources
Building a relevant implementation of an action from the choice of intervention tools to devices for communication and negotiation necessary for acceptability which is at the heart of sustainability.

Professional openings

This opens training for careers abroad or in France in companies or national or international organizations, or within national, regional and municipal.
All sectors of activity interface with high transportation systems are all opportunities for graduates:
Companies transportation equipment operators and major transport networks
Service companies: governed urban transport companies, rental cars, taxis
International organizations: OECD, IEA, EC, UNEP ...
Governments, regional and municipal
Engineering and consulting firms specializing in land use, urban planning, management of transport infrastructure


Lessons based on research at the cutting edge of innovation in the fields of training
A strong involvement of industry in training
An important cultural mixing students of various nationalities
A personalized students: 1 teacher to 5 students.

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Keywords Requirements Admission

master; ENPC; Polytechnique; mine engineer; international training, transport, sustainable development, sustainable development, smart growth; trdde; pollution; rational growth; eco-efficiency, equity, environment, corporate citizenship; planning; mobility; ethics

The courses are open to the best European and international students, who have at the minimum a bachelor's degree or equivalent. They are also open to French students completing an engineering degree (3rd year of "grandes coles").

First level of selection based on student's Curriculum Vitae (studies, experience, personal commitment, etc.).
A second level based on Cover Letter describing candidate's motivation.

Location Program Language Student Life

Center of Paris at AgroParisTech or in ParisTech partners Institutes


Possibility of housing students in the residences of the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech or ParisTech Mines

Cost Contacts Duration
13 000 . Fee can be paid by professional partners. Master Dean : Emeric Fortin, Tl : + 33 (0)1 64 15 35 77 15 Months
ECTS Credits : 90

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