The aim of this Master programme is to train high-level engineers able to manage complex industrial projects and to become managers of companies.

This is implemented through a multidisciplinary programme, with a high technical, scientific and socio-economic content, leading to a strong background of fundamental knowledge and of practical skills thanks to strong participation of lecturers from enterprises and implementation of internships in companies.





The curriculum lasts 2 years:

Graduate 1st year: focused mainly on engineering sciences

Graduate 2nd year: focused mainly on minors

In addition to core courses (accounting and law) and to electives, students have to choose a concentration in a specific engineering field, called minor (from a choice of 17 different minors) and to implement a technical project related to an industrial problem under the close supervision of a tutor from one of MINES ParisTech 15 research centres, leading ultimately to an internship of at least 3 months in industry, and concluding by the submission of a master thesis and its oral presentation in the presence of scientific specialists and of the industrial partners.