Information Systems Management


Information systems, which are everywhere to be found in all sectors of activity, have a variety of facets. They bring together a wide range of tools while drawing on original techniques.
Time allocated to the Minor does not allow for an in-depth study of every aspect of computer science and Information Systems Management.
Emphasis is placed on e-business and implementation on the Web: XML, Apache, relational DBMS, COBRA, TCP/IP networks, network security and encoding.


Aspects related to overall management are not neglected such as the planning of work, contractual organization of development initiatives, legislation regarding computers and the Internet, and the launching of start-ups they acquire some vocabulary of information systems consulting.
Courses tackle the principal fields of the computer “culture”, each of which is the subject of only a few hours of study. Among the various subjects dealt with, mention can be made of operating systems, databases, networks and economics fields of utilization.
Students can take advantage of part-time periods for acquiring a command of the tools they will need to conduct a bibliographical and/or state-of-the-art study, undertake software work within the context of projects, and submit preliminary solutions they have devised for criticism by the company concerned.

Program Language Duration Supervisors
French 266 Hours Fabien Coelho
ECTS Credits : 42

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