Scientific Management


The scientific management Minor is aimed at providing students with an introduction to the way organizations are run through studies conducted in companies throughout most of the third-year programme, in which the months of January, May and June are devoted to this on a full-time basis. The students work in pairs.


The School’s contribution involves very close supervision as the faculty involved in the Minor meet the students for two hours every week throughout the academic year.
This particular method reflects the fact that theoretical teaching only provides a limited view of the business world, particularly for students who have not yet had any experience of it. Conversely, the students’ account of their field work provides the faculty with many opportunities for methodological support and reading advice. Evidence shows that work related to the Minor requires sustained observation and analysis of reality, whereby the term “scientific” relates more to the natural sciences than to mathematics or physics.
Nevertheless, a sound command of a number of the formal teaching courses is indispensable for engineers who are interested in management.
The students in this Minor are therefore asked to give special attention to courses in microeconomics, operational research, cost evaluation, production systems, statistics and accounting, disciplines that are available to all the students at the School.
Furthermore, a broad technical culture is indispensable if the students are to be taken seriously in the companies which they have to study.
During the second year, the scientific management Minor provides an introduction to the recent history of ideas in the field of management and a “business game”, in which students manage competing companies by computer. A few lectures complete this programme. At the beginning of the third year, a month-long specific training period includes :
- an exercise on the choice of oil investments,
- an introduction to human resources management,
- an introduction to finance issues,
- a short trip focussing on industrial management subjects.

Program Language Duration Supervisors
French 266 Hours Frdrique Pallez
ECTS Credits : 42

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