4 key priorities

The students

MINES ParisTech students display great value-added profiles as future leaders. Their academic training and extracurricular activities in the School facilitate their dual profile of engineer and manager.

MINES ParisTech aims at welcoming the best students all over the world, regardless of nationality or financial circumstances. We believe that this diversity is of benefit to our School and to society as a whole.

Helping our students is a core priority for the School and can only be funded by contributions of a philanthropic nature.



Everyone at MINES ParisTech should have some international experience! It is vital that the School maintain its position on the international as well as national scene.

MINES ParisTech offers specific educational and research programmes which should benefit the finest minds worldwide. It is also essential to attract the best academics in order to enhance the excellence of our teaching programmes and research.
International exchanges and cooperation are at the forefront of the School’s vision of the future.




The research

Research at MINES ParisTech is focused on the greater benefit of our industries, general knowledge and a better understanding of society. The School is dedicated to introducing constant improvements within its historical specialities such as transport, energy and materials sciences.

MINES ParisTech is now developing its comprehensive research capacities in high-priority fields such as the environment, health sciences, industrial security and CO2 reduction.

The School must strengthen its position and extend its efforts as an international research leader in a context of ever-greater competition.


The campus

By good fortune, MINES ParisTech is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris where all the leading French schools and universities were born. The School benefits from a privileged study environment in the vicinity of major institutions and industrial headquarters, cultural and entertainment venues and national and international transport facilities.

MINES ParisTech is also very proud of its infrastructure and facilities which include its 18th century buildings; the library, richly endowed with technical literature and a collection of ancient documents; a mineralogical museum, one of the four largest in the world; a student hall of residence; and modern research centres with cutting-edge technology.
All these infrastructure and facilities, a major historical legacy, require constant care and improvements in order to provide the best study and research environment.