MS Management Global RSE et Dveloppement Durable : Maitrise des risques QSE et stratgie de DD



The Executive Advanced Master's degree in "Management Global RSE et Dveloppement Durable : Maitrise des risques QSE et stratgie de DD" (MS MG RSE-DD) is a part-time continuing education certificate course at MINES ParisTech, in partnership with CEGOS. It is accredited by the Confrence des Grandes Ecoles.
The programme allows a multidisciplinary and integrated understanding of environmental, security, and quality questions, and more generally speaking, of sustainable development by integrating technical, economic, legal, and societal aspects into the training.


Above and beyond basic scientific ideas, this training programme allows participants to acquire the managerial skills that will be essential to their responsibilities.
As key actors in the company's strategy, they will know how to make the most of their knowledge in order to help improve the QSE performance of the business and to establish its image as a responsible company.
Mastering risks, optimising resources, building a loyal customer base, increasing profitability, and improving a company's image: these are all issues a future QSE manager or director of sustainable development may set as goals. As a result, these managers will know how to make competitiveness, regulatory compliance, social and societal responsibility, and sustainable strategy all work together.


Academic instruction is given over 12-18 months, with 2 sessions of 2-3 days per month (50 days in total). It is divided into 5 modules:
- The evolving company, issues in mastering risks, and a QSE management system (5 days)
- Management methods within the business and the leading manager (4 days)
- Identifying risks and QSE diagnosis (15 days)
- Mastering risks; anticipating and improving performance (13 days)
- Towards a sustainable business (11 days)

The programme includes several seminars, lectures, case studies, interactive exercises, and e-learning modules. Several projects (done in teams) are undertaken at the same time by students.

Professional assignment :
This may take place in the participant's company or in another organisation, and may be spread over a year or more. It allows the student to put his/her knowledge into practise and to embark the company on its QSE process.
The assignment will lead to a professional thesis.

- Health-safety risks at work linked to concurrent activities - Aroports de Paris
- Ecodesign: "sustainable" designing in a period of crisis - Fagor-Brandt

Skills acquired

- The ability to identify the strategic issues of QSE management and sustainable development for organisations, whether businesses or communities
- A managerial approach and view of QSE issues
- The ability to elaborate a course of sustainable performance and risk management for businesses

Professional openings

- Environment supervisor or director in a large industrial group, HEQ supervisor or department head
- Consultants in large consulting firms, credit rating agencies, and engineering firms
- Executives who must integrate new QSE-DD responsibilities into their duties


- Cutting-edge training in light of the latest events in the fields addressed, given by recognised experts
- Active education based on case studies and presentations of concrete applications by industrialists
- A study trip allowing students to understand all the dimensions of QSE-DD concepts within a company
- Alumni network

Web Site Download Supervisors
http://www.isige.mines... PDF version Jasha Oosterbaan - MINES ParisTech
Keywords Requirements Admission

MINES ParisTech, executive Advanced Master, Quality, Safety, Environment, Sustainable development, QSE, QSE-DD, ISIGE, partnership CEGOS

This training programme is intended for professionals who need to integrate new QSE-DD responsibilities into their jobs and want to continue in their occupation. They must have a baccalaureate + 5 years of study (engineering or equivalent university degrees), or a baccalaureate + 4 years of study and at least 5 years professional experience in a position with significant responsibility.

in-depth study of each applicant's file and interview

Location Program Language Student Life

MINES ParisTech in Paris


12 or 18 months 4 or 6 days a month

Cost Contacts Duration
18 800 Pour MINES ParisTech : Jasha Oosterbaan : 01 64 69 48 78 Pour CEGOS - organisme de formation professionnelle et continue : Lauryann Le Bidan, Cegos : 01 55 00 99 11 12 18 2 sessions de 2 ou 3 jours par mois Months
ECTS Credits : 75

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