As Elie Hachem was already the winner of the Prize of the best PhD thesis in France in Numerical Methods and Applied mathematics, prize awarded by the Society of Applied & Industrial Mathematics and the Group of Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineer (SMAI-GAMNI),

he had been selected, at the national level by these associations, in order to represent France for the ECCOMAS awardof the two best European thesis in 2009 (European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences), in the field of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering.


On April 9th 2010 the Evaluation Committee of ECCOMAS selected Elie Hachem as one of the two winners of this European award.

Elie Hachem, doctor of MINES ParisTech (photo by John Pusceddu, CNRS DR20)

He deserves our most sincere congratulations for this prestigious award. This success honours the quality of both the thesis and the research carried out in the School, and we thank him for this.

It is a great satisfaction for the CEMEF, and also for Armines, these works having been supported by a consortium of industrials.

 Finally, the whole CEMEF team is quite proud of Elie’s success !

Elie Hachem's work is based on the use of Finite Element methods to simulate the heat transfer coupled with turbulent flows in industrial furnaces. The model is highly complex: incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid, with K-epsilon turbulence models, heat transfer by conduction, advection, and radiation. This work involves state-of-the-art discretization strategies to simulate this complex problem: stabilized Finite Elements, Shock Capturing Petrov-Galerkin method), level set approach, anisotropic mesh adaptation. All aspects are validated with care and the overall approach makes it possible to perform large scale computations, which give a full description of a whole industrial furnace.