ALCERU Award for a thesis work

Dr. Nicolas LE MOIGNE from the Centre for Material Forming (MINES ParisTech - CEMEF), Sophia-Antipolis, was honoured as the 2010 award winner in the "Most Promising Young Scientist" category, during the 8th International Conference "Materials made of renewable resources" held in Erfurt, Allemagne Septembre 9-10, 2010.The ALCERU award 2010, honours the academic achievements of Dr. LE MOIGNE on the qualitative and quantitative description of the swelling of cellulose and cellulose derivatives in direct solvents, which he presented as part of his doctorate studies and PhD thesis.

 On the center Nicolas LE MOIGNE, Dr. Tim LIEBERT of the Frederick Schiller's university of Jena, on the left, and Dr. Frank Meister of the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK), on the right.


The Alceru Award category “Young Academics” honours every two years a young European scientist for remarkable fundamental advances in the field of polysaccharides (as cellulose or starch). Nicolas Le Moigne’s research was performed at Centre for Material Forming (MINES ParisTech-CEMEF) and supervised by Dr. Patrick Navard. It was supported by an industrial consortium of four renowned international companies: Borregaard (Norway), Dowwolff Cellulosics (Germany), Lenzing (Austria) and Spontex (France).