10 reasons to discover MINES ParisTech

Of the many reasons for choosing MINES ParisTech, we have selected 10 for your guidance


225 Years of History
Excellence of Research

The International Dimension
High Teaching Standards in Small-Class Contexts
Career Opportunities
Student Life
Paris (location)

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225 Years of History


MINES ParisTech, the École des Mines de Paris, is one of the oldest French higher education institutions in engineering. While its inspirational model has not changed, its teaching methods and its research have been anticipating and accompanying its times ever since 1783.


Excellence of Research


Two Nobel laureates were trained at the School: Georges Charpak (Physics, 1992) and Maurice Allais (Economics, 1988). Our alumni enjoy challenging careers in a variety of fields.

You possess curiosity and you wish to move towards tomorrow’s world, you will then see that research at MINES ParisTech is based on creativity, and anticipating a constantly evolving world; with its wide range of disciplines, the School is a leader in many areas. Here are five major fields in which it excels:

  • Earth sciences and environment
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and materials
  • Mathematics and systems
  • Economics, management and society
  • 18 research centres extending over five different fields
  • 286 research professors
  • The leading school in France for its volume of contractual research
  • Major research themes are essentially based on problems raised by industry, including MITAL, EDF, TOTAL, RENAULT, PSA, SNECMA, GDF and SAINT-GOBAIN, as well as society as a whole.
  • A €30 million turnover including contracts with business partners



The 286 research professors provide the students with high-level teaching. The limited size of the annual intakes gives them an opportunity to make use of innovative pedagogical methods in correlation with the world of industry, society and future aspirations.

The aim is for academic excellence with 286 research professors, 100 theses and 400 articles or books in key research fields published every year.

The International Dimension

The international dimension is a real aspect of MINES ParisTech. Life at the School will bring you in contact with students from more than 50 different countries. Intermixing of students from different years. The research centres are open to international exchange. Students are required to have a command of two foreign languages and placements lasting between four and twelve months in a foreign institution for engineering students are a strong feature of the School’s international vocation.

MINES ParisTech has established partnerships with some of the best institutions worldwide:

  • Student exchange agreements with 100 partner-universities worldwide;
  • 30% of the student intake at MINES ParisTech, in its various programmes, come from some 50 different countries;
  • the Athens/Cesaer Leuven Network Forum;
  • training courses;
  • language tuition for all students. Every student is expected to be fluent in two languages;
  • 10 foreign languages possibilities for the students.


High Teaching Standards in Small-Class Contexts

You will pursue your years of study at MINES ParisTech in limited intake classes, regardless of your choice of programme. The School will offer you tutorial guidance and virtually individual attention. You will be able to plan your career in close harmony with your aspirations and ambitions. The limited annual intake provides an opportunity to use innovative teaching methods:

  • one teacher for every student,
  • teaching in small-class contexts,
  • 400 students studying over three years and 260 staff members providing an exceptional standard of supervision. 



  • Research and higher education, cluster of excellence
  • MINES ParisTech is a founder member of the ParisTech network which brings together 11 engineering institutes and one business school in Paris to promote and combine the development of an international dimension and to offer a range of joint education programmes.
  • The ParisTech network has all the features of a major university institution.


Career Opportunities

You have choices to make as many career opportunities will be open to you after graduating from the School. A variety of professions will be accessible. During your studies, you will have an opportunity to set out your career plan in close harmony with your ambitions. Whether it be industry, the services or research, you will have access to the wide world.

- employability,

- every student is offered a job before the end of training,

- several of the CEOs of the 40 leading French companies (CAC 40) are former graduates of the School,

- two Nobel laureates were trained at the School: Georges Charpak (Physics, 1992) and Maurice Allais (Economics, 1988).



  • The ParisTech alumni network comprises 220,000 former students,
  • the GEM Intermines network comprises 17,000 former students,
  • MINES ParisTech benefits from a substantial network of alumni holding key positions. There are 9,000 MINES ParisTech alumni all around the world.


Student Life

  • associations and clubs,
  • sport,
  • competitions,
  • brass band, drama society, etc.

Paris (location)

MINES ParisTech provides a unique environment for your benefit. Located in the centre of Paris,  the Latin Quarter is a hub of cultural activity with cinemas, museums and temporary exhibitions which animate the life of this district near the river Seine, with its many cafés and restaurants, providing so many opportunities for discovering life in France.


The location of the School’s research centres are also typical of various aspects of France: Fontainebleau in its charming setting, Evry and Palaiseau heralding what the future has in store, and Sophia Antipolis, a cutting-edge technological centre in an attractive Provençal setting, of which the School was one of the founders.